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Natural essential oils and aromatherapy

Get to know the purest and most effective essential oils

doTERRA provides high quality, unadulterated essential oils which are sourced responsibly, giving farmers and small communities a chance to build a sustainable income, and bringing oils to support us, empower us, and revive us.

Connect and experience

In Sweden, you cannot purchase directly from doTerra without a membership. But you can order via connected Wellness Advocates. The benefit is that you can sample oils first. This way you can find precisely the products that work for you.

Optional DoTerra membership

If you would like to order directly from doTerra, you can become a member. The membership is without obligations and you immediately receive 25% discount on retail prices.

Why choose doTERRA?


doTERRA's essential oils are pure and without contaminants, fillers, or adulterations.


Quality is consistent and you can be confident knowing that the oils are safe to use.


All sourcing is done in environmentally and socially responsibly ways.